It was the never-fading beauty I was fascinated by – ZAN is the result of the eternal and never-ending love of jewellery. ZAN is a symbiosis of dream, aesthetics and timelessness. The visual variety of an element has a fascinating effect; accompanied by unparalleled beauty, it conveys an indescribable feeling of being alive.

ZAN was established in Hamburg in 2010 and has found its way into many hearts. This is where the creative processes and the final finishing take place.&nb

ZAN attaches special importance to all pieces of jewellery being hand-made. This makes every piece special and unique. ZAN stands for highest quality standards, which is why all models are made of high-quality materials such as gold and silver. The smallest details are meticulously handcrafted to perfection. The process from the raw material to the finished piece of jewellery involves a great deal of loving attention to detail, filigree work and time. This is the only way to guarantee that every piece is one of a kind. 

ZAN is the key to memory and allows for capturing memorable moments  for eternity. What could be a better symbol of attachment than a timeless piece of jewellery by ZAN? With every piece, I would like to tell a story that ultimately leaves space for dreams, moments and personal memories. 

ZAN creates for everyone space to fill with personal memories.